1. Avoid exposure to chemicals; Remove cover when putting chemicals into spa water.
  2. Keep cover clean, free of debris and dirt, use mild cleaner when needed
  3. Avoid jerking or pulling cover in extreme heat To prevent seams from coming apart:
  4. Tie down straps: Tie down straps are there or one purpose only to secure the cover to the spa. Avoid ripping the straps by never carrying the cover with them or using them to remove the cover.
  5. Avoiding Vinyl, Stitching, and Seam Damage: Using a spa cover lift will reduce the stress on the cover. Use handles only to open or close the cover. Do not carry or take cover off of spa by the handles. Never drag your cover across the ground, Maintain proper chemicals, excessive shock, bromine, and chlorine can damage the cover. Make sure to latch the cover when not in use to prevent wind damage. Tie-down strap include locking latches. Install and keep locked to prevent unwanted guests.
  6. Keep water and snow off of cover: One cubic ft. of snow is about 30lbs. An 8’x8’ cover with 3 inches of snow is approx. 500lbs., more if the snow is wet or it is ice, make sure to remove snow! Spa cover manufacturer’s warranty does not cover snow or other weight related damages.
  7. Protect the foam core of the spa cover, the foam can be broken or damaged by weight. Never allow children or adults to play or jump on spa cover, grit from shoes can also damage the cover.
  8. Never place sharp objects on spa cover, they can cause punctures or tares and allow water to penetrate the cover. Keep animals away from spa cover, their weight, claws, and teeth can damage the cover.
  9. Never force the cover open, be sure to unfasten all hardware and tie down straps before trying to uncover spa.
  10. Always secure cover on spa—improper covering of spa is a hazard.
  11. Avoid using ArmorAll as a cleaner. Protectant 303 is suggested and available from most department stores.
  12. Notify AccuLok immediately if any defects are discovered.

AccuLok spa covers are designed exclusively in the USA and are supported by staff with over 20 years of industry experience.