12 Points of Quality Construction

  1. ASTM Approved
    Meets or exceeds industry safety standards.
  2. 28 Points of Internal Reinforcement
    Every stress point is reinforced including the hinge, locking straps, skirt, and handles.
  3. Strong Polyester Thread, UV and Mildew Resistant
    Color-matching thread secures all seams and top-stitching. Carriage stitching assures each stitch is strong and independent of the next. No running of loosened or broken stitches.
  4. Tough 'N Sturdy Hinge
    Four layers of vinyl fabric adds strength to this high stress area.
  5. Super Strength Padded Handles
    Five layers of added strength where it's needed most.
  6. Tie-Down Straps
    Triple-reinforced straps secure cover to hot tub with locking fasteners. Four straps standard.
  7. Secure-Loc Fasteners
    Locking key for added safety with each of four tie-down straps.
  8. Tapered Foam Core
    Virgin foam, NO re-grind, 1.5#, tapered from 4 1/2" to 2 1/2". Sloped for rain run-off. This taper has proven more effective than a 4" to 2". The R value is 13.2 for the standard cover and 16.68 for the thicker cover. The AccuLok foam core provides the optimum insulation quality and the strength needed for years of satisfying use.
  9. Steel Reinforcement
    Non-corrosive steel strengthens center hinge.
  10. Commercial Grade Nylon Zipper
    Heavy duty nylon zipper, corrosion resistant.
  11. Hidden Zipper Pull Protection
    Protects zipper and adds quality finished appearance.
  12. 7 Year Warranty
    Best warranty in the industry.

ONLY Acculok hot tub covers feature a unique layer of water vapor barrier. Years of scientific research have resulted in a cover that has 400% more resistance to water vapor absorption than any other hot tub cover on the market.

Our unique design is proven to save significant dollars in heating costs. The seamless extra long shield prevents heat from escaping the hinge section, where significant heat is lost on standard hot tub covers.

AccuLok spa covers are designed exclusively in the USA and are supported by staff with over 20 years of industry experience.