The AccuLok™ seamless design prevents heat escaping from the hot tub cover hinge area. A thermal imaging camera was used by an independent testing center to provide the images below. It is obvious the seamless heat shield of the AccuLok cover as compared to the traditional open skirt design offers significant heat trapping features.

Traditional spa cover design

Open skirt hinge section has extensive heat loss shown by the bright orange spots. The generally sub-standard material used to build these covers does not prevent major heat loss in the hinge itself, as is evident in the bright orange line.

AccuLok™ design

The seamless, one-piece design heat shield wraps the spa perimeter tightly to prevent heat escaping from the hinge and seam. The entire hot tub cover shown above is dark blue indicating no "hot spots" of escaping heat.

AccuLok spa covers are designed exclusively in the USA and are supported by staff with over 20 years of industry experience.