1. AccuLok's Proven Technology Resists Water Weight Gain.
    AccuLok™ covers are proven to have 4X, that's 400%, the water vapor protection than other traditional covers. That means it stays lightweight and easy to use. An independent testing laboratory certified these results. Open the zipper, look for the tightly heat sealed black plastic protecting the foam core, and know it's an AccuLok™ Cover.
  2. Our Revolutionary Heat Trapping Design Saves Energy.
    Ever notice heat escaping from your hot tub cover center fold? The exclusive AccuLok™ hot tub cover design traps escaping heat, minimizing heat loss and saving operating costs. A full 7" heat shield seamlessly surrounds your spa, with 4 locking tie-down straps holding it in place and tight to the spa cabinet. The effect of this design is documented with thermal imaging results.
  3. Limited 7 Year Warranty.
    AccuLok™ spa covers are warranted for seven (7) years from date of purchase. Click here to view the full warranty details.
  4. Stop Replacing Your Cover Every Few Years!
    Are you purchasing a new cover way too often due to water weight gain? Buy AccuLok™ with our proven water resistant technology and enjoy a cover that stays lightweight.
  5. Built With Pride And Serviced in The USA.
    Designed and developed by personnel with over 30 years of hot tub manufacturing experience, AccuLok Covers are confidently backed with a 7 year warranty and the knowledge and customer service you deserve. Call our factory in Pennsylvania and speak to a representative directly , M-F, 9AM-5PM, EST.

Acculok's No-Gap 7 inch heat shield traps heat more efficiently over traditional covers. View Thermal Images

Independent testing laboratory results prove Acculok's claims of water vapor protection. View Results Here.

Over 20 years of industry experience goes into every cover we make.
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AccuLok spa covers are designed exclusively in the USA and are supported by staff with over 20 years of industry experience.